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General information for students on commuting, accommodation and board, medical care, insurance possibilities, etc.

PDF Erasmus+ Policy Statement

  • accommodation

Students of full-time studies may be accommodated in the student’s dormitory of the Police Academy in Szczytno which is located at 12, Chrobrego Street in Szczytno (about 1,9 km from the Academy). More information: tel. 89 621 57 72. Moreover, students who study in an extra-mural system (week-long or weekend lectures and classes) may be placed in the Police Academy accommodation centres in Szczytno. If so, every Wednesday before lectures and classes, it is required to make a reservation calling: 89 621 59 01 at opening hours: 7.30 - 14.30.

  • meals

Students of the Police Academy in Szczytno may use the Academy’s canteen for a payment (Order No. 63/2012 of the Commandant-Rector of the Police Academy in Szczytno from 29 June 2012 on the rules of using board services). According to the above mentioned regulations, students receive luncheon vouchers after having paid for them in the Catering Department. The payment ought to be made not later than on 27th day of a month preceding a month-long period of using board services in the Police Academy’s canteen. In case of taking out meals in a specific period only, the payment ought to be made two days before it. More information: 89 621 5173.

  • health issues

Students are declared to the National Health Fund:


  • by their parents (if they are not under an employment contract or they do not run any business activity) until they turn 26,
  • by their employer (if they work under an employment contract),
  • by themselves (if they run a business activity),
  • by a working or running a business activity spouse,
  • by the Academy if: they are already 26 years old and they do not have any other insurance (this also applies to persons who have not turned 26 yet and they cannot be declared to the insurance company by their parents because they are dead, for instance).

A person, who intends to use medical service in the process of learning at the Academy, should submit an appropriate declaration. A model declaration is available to download on the Police Academy website in the ‘Information for students’ tab.

  • insurance

Students have the right to take out a free and additional insurance policy.

Insurance covers the consequences of:


  • accidents,
  • a heart attack,
  • intracranial hemorrhage,
  • body injuries which have been the results of an epileptic seizure or syncope of an unknown reason, of a suicide attempt by the insured party consisting in a body injury, health breakdown or death,
  • death of the insured person caused by sepsis.

Insurance covers incidents which happened to the insured person regardless of where they were staying at a specific moment (in Poland or abroad) and at what time the incident happened (24 hour protection), that is, during the learning / teaching process, on the way home or to school, as well as during different after-classes activities, while practicing sports (competitive and recreational ones) and in private life.